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Galileo Galilei Planetarium | Palermo

The Planetarium is located in Palermo Woods at the bank of an artificial lake Impressive view of the planetarium at night, reflected on the lake

This is a five-story building with a top arched room with 360 seats. It has a semi-spherical dome of a 20-meter diameter, in whose center the planetarium proper projects a sky crowded with stars. The equipment consists of 100 projectors. Some are individual, for the sun, the moon, and the easily visible planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), while two large spheres on the extremes project 8900 stars. It opens daily to the public, who can go through the exhibition and the great photography collection, enjoy the observation of planets and stars (visibility depending on the season), and watch a research tape that warns about the future of out planet and its system.


Av. Belisario Roldán y Av. Sarmiento s/n - Palermo




Educational, Cultural.

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