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Vuelta de Rocha | La Boca

Puerto Viejo parrilla, in front of the square The Vuleta de Rocha plazoleta has the shape of the deck of a ship Vuelta de Rocha

The Vuelta de Rocha is currently one of the curves of the Riachuelo. It was named after one of its owners, a merchant and estancia owner called Alberto Rocha. It was a precarious dock from where many small ships departed loaded with products for export towards the big ships where they transferred the goods to their final destination. It was filled with “pulperias” (bars) at a certain time where the sailors made their stops. Nowadays it is a square with the shape of a ship in which there is a mast that belonged to the “Pampa” ship. A bust that pays homage to Almirante Brown and a cannon that belonged to the “25 de mayo”, the ship he was in command of, are also there. There is also monolith that reminds that this was the place where the admiral had installed “La Maestranza” and the Navy’s dockyard. It is also called “La plazoleta de los suspiros” (the square of the sighs) since the people from Geneva used to gather there in order to remember their homeland.


Del Valle Iberlucea y Av. Don Pedro de Mendoza s/n - La Boca





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