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Boca Juniors Stadium - "La Bombonera" | La Boca

La Bombonera is the mythical stadium of Boca Juniors La Bombonera is few blocks from Caminito, the famous turistic pedestrian street Boca Juniors is the most popular and best internationally reputed team of Argentina La Bombonera is located in the popular neigborhood of La Boca, that received thousands of european immigrants at the start of the XXth century

The Boca Juniors’ Club soccer stadium, popularly known as “La Bombonera”, is with no doubt the most popular one in the country and the one that has more fanatics throughout the world. Its supporters called themselves "La Mitad Más Uno", in reference to the proportion of fans with regard to the total quantity of the country (in fact, the porcentage is a bit lower than 50 %). Boca obtained national and international triumphs throughout history and it is the winnest of South America of the last decade. It is this way, Boca Juniors has turned an international brand and a lot of foreign tourists arrive in Argentina just to see the team in action in this mithycal stadium, where the extreme support of the fans is the biggest attraction. The Club has the pride to have been one of the teams where Diego Armando Maradona played. Maradona is considered vy the specalists as the best soccer player ever in the planet. Maradona is the fan number one of Boca and it is possible to see him in his box seat in almost every game. He has or maybe because it gave birth to famous soccer players who obtained national and international triumphs throughout history. It has a superimposed floor structure that resembles a “box of chocolates” which gave origin to its popular name. Here, while in a full house match, specially when the Boca-River Super Classic is played, the song from the tribunes becomes deafening sounds. It is not a myth the fact that every time the fans jump in the unison to support the team, "The Bombonera shakes". To this, owes its fame of being one of the most difficult stadiums for the visitors teams due to the pressure exerted by the supporters during the match. Blue and yellow, the colours that represent the team, have their own history. It is said that the group of young founders of the club, when they had to choose the colors that would identify the institution, they decided to take the colours from the first boat passing by the Riachuelo. It turned out to be a Swedish boat (which has a blue and yellowed flag). The stadium was inaugurated in 1940 and it has a seating capacity of 40,000 people. Nowadays it can contain up to 60,000 people. In its outer façade, a mural by the famous painter Pérez Celis can be observed and it has a representation of the typical life and characters of La Boca. The facilities of the staduim include since a few years ago a museum that preseerves the memory of the great glories of the club´s history.

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