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Las Nereidas | Costanera Sur

Las Nereidas Las Nereidas Las Nereidas represents the birth of the goddess Venus Las Nereidas

This sculpture of great artistic and architectonic value is popularly known as “the Lola Mora”, as a homage to its sculptress from Tucumán and it is considered as one of the most emblematic ones in the city of Buenos Aires. It was inaugurated in 1903 when its nudes caused a scandal in the extremely timid society of that time. This fact restrained it from being located in Plaza de Mayo as it was planned, so it was moved to Leandro N. Alem Ave. until its current location in the Costanera Sur. It is completely made of Carrara marble and it represents the birth of the goddess Venus (symbol of love), coming out of a shell. The whole work is framed in a classic pyramid of a noticeable renaissance and baroque styles in the intense movement of its shapes and textures: the three Triton figures of the foundations that hold the bridles of three horses under the water and the nymphs that represent birth in the lower part and then, the representation of Venus in a very beautiful that stands in the center of the highest part of the whole sculpture.

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Tristán Achaval Rodríguez 1600 - Costanera Sur





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