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Two Congresses Monument | Monserrat

Two Congresses Monument Two Congresses Monument Two Congresses Monument Two Congresses Monument

This monument was inaugurated on the 9th of July, 1914, four years after the creation of the Square of the same name. It is a production by Jules Lagae, from Belgium, who received cooperation from the architect Enrique Dhuique regarding the structures. It stands on three large stairs, namely North, South and West; there is a pedestal on top with a statue holding a laurel wig, symbolizing the Republic. A number of allegorical figures represent the enemies and challenges: snakes at its feet as evil, a figure standing for labor, with a horn pouring wealth, and circles of kids standing for peace. Some other figures represent the 1813 Assembly and the 1816 Congress. The lower level of this magnanimous work has a fountain that symbolizes the Rio de la Plata and its main sources, Paraná and Uruguay rivers. The style of the sculptures and architecture features clearly follow the neoclassic style that ruled in Europe during the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries.

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Entre Ríos - Rivadavia - H. Irigoyen - Plaza de los Dos Congresos - Monserrat






Subte / Underground: A (Estación Congreso)

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