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Botanic Garden | Palermo

Sculpture Close up of the windows in the main building Sculpture Group of sculptures

This is a work by the architect and landscaper Carlos Thays which was designed in 1898 and officially inaugurated in 1908 due to a petition presented to the authorities, when Thays worked as the Director of Promenades of the city. It was designed in order to develop the consciousness on the importance of the preservation of the flora. It entails seven hectares of green space, like a real fruit and flower garden in the city, where we can find 7000 different species in perfect conditions of preservation. The building inside, of a notorious British Style, has been the office since the inauguration, and the home of Thays while in his position. There is also the Gardening School and the Botanic Museum in the same premises. During summer, it opens everyday from 8am to 8pm, and from 9am to 6pm during the winter. Guided visits are offered.

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Av. Santa Fe (y Av. Las Heras) 3951 - Palermo




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