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A resident of the city of Buenos Aires is called a “porteño”, a word that means one who lives near a port. The port has also influenced the cultural life of Buenos Los Porteños BarAires.

This port is not only an entry point but a point of departure as well. When things become difficult, it is common to say “I have to get out of this place.” And a porteño is likely to dream of other places, and often leaves, only to return sooner than he thought, awash in nostalgia. This is explained in a popular song that says: It pains me to stay, but it will kill me if I leave.

This is a melancholic existence, always thinking in times gone by, in what was lost and what could never be.

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They are of mixed descent. It is normal to have a criollo father, an Italian grandmother, a Spanish great grandfather, and a Russian mother. The result: a porteño who is strengthened by the heritage of each group. While we might find young people who are fourth generation Argentine, with native born parents and grandparents, they will still have ancestors who each had a unique saga.

It is said that a porteño argues like a Neapolitan, is stubborn like a Basque, dreams like a Brit and enjoys life like a Frenchman.

He is criticized for being proud and arrogant although at heart he is credulous and candid. He is always ready to lend a hand and is basically an animal of passion. To discuss politics and win over people to his point of view is one of his greatest pleasures, next to being chosen to hear a secret of a friend. He loves to talk but also to listen, even more so when he is trying to discover the ways of life of other corners of the planet. His favorite place is the café and his favorite themes are football, politics, the humid weather and sex.


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