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The Argentine cuisine is characterized by a large consumption of beef in all of its cuts and types of preparation. The asado is the most famous expression of this meat love affair, which entails cooking all parts of the cow over coals, including the internal organs.

Some colonial foods are still prepared today, including humita (creamed corn), el locro (corn-based meat stew), and empanadas—the original and still most popular fast-food. Empanadas are turn-overs filled with spiced or bland meat; they are prepared in the oven or fried, and each region has its favorite way to stuff it. And while there are many fillings, meat is the most popular. And if they are San Telmo marketaccompanied by wine, many Argentines consider it to be a complete meal.

But there are two other great influences: Italian cuisine which gave porteños the custom of eating pasta on Sundays and pizza anytime and anywhere; and the Spanish with the tradition of tortillas (not the Mexican ones, but the large omelets of Spain), cured ham and fish dishes.

Even the French are represented in the typical breakfast of coffee with medialunas (croissants, or literally half-moons).

Of course, in the “bread basket of the world” wheat products are also very important, and for that reason you will find many bakeries. Here, you can buy fresh bread, in addition to pastries, cakes and cookies.



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